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Topic: Update on Branch 176

Donald Burnell Olson Posted: 30-Nov-2005 18:16  
Daniel Bertuese Olsen(Olson) was my grandfather. Anna, his wife, of course my grandmother. I do not have all the details regarding birthdates and deaths but hopefully will be able to get this info soon.
Children of Daniel and Anna were: Mary Meland (died ca 19xx, Esther Rydland(Henry Rydland)MN, Ole Olson (Hilda)MPLS, MN, Edwin (Fargo ND, Rudolph Frandlin,MN, and Victor (Wisconsin). All are now gone. My father was Rudolph Berger Olson who married Ella Louise Christian of Hatten, North Dakota in 1925. Rudy died in 1990 and Ella in 1991. Their children were: Harvey- Died in @ 1930, Betty Ann-died 1930, Laurie Jane Olson-LLoyd-Sherman-Died 2002, Betty Mae Olson-Johnson-Died 2004, Richard Ellswworth Olson married Beatrice Munsell of Franklin, MN and are living in Mankato, MN, Kay Francis Olson-Zubrod married William Zubrod Garden Grove CA,(Died 2003), Donald Burnell Olson(me)married Betty Ann Bronson Redwood Falls, MN(died 1998)and married Carol L. Henning(Peterson) of Renville, MN and Marjorie Ann Olson-Westmore-Peterson-Rusicka, Florida.
I will be in contact with a cousin, Noren Meland, Northwood, ND to provide the rest of the branches. I will ask him to sign up on this site and work to complete the rest of the Daniel B Olson lineage.
I shall also update the branch I have given with children and grandchildren and great grandchildren of the family.
I will try to add this info very soon. I find this very interesting and informative. Perhaps you can fill me in on how this info should be presented and arranged.
Donald Burnell Olson
Vaughn Posted: 28-Oct-2006 00:27
Thanks for posting all of this information. (Sorry about the tardy response…) I look forward to receiving further details on the Daniel B Olsen lineage.
The best way to lay it out is one person per line, in order of oldest siblings, with children under each set of parents. (See the Family Tree section of this Web site for examples.)
You can post your info in this forum, or email me at and I will add your details to the main line.
Best Regards,

Topic: Updates from Rita Hansen (Dragland)
 Vaughn Posted: 19-Sep-2004 23:23   Received 8/25/2004:
My father was Thorvald George Dragland, (17C.3 on family tree) born July 6, 1903. You have his one son George Thomas Dragland listed as a child of Thorvald. There were also two more. A son Daniel Gilbert Dragland (born about 1938) and died about 1984) He did not have any children. I will try to provide the exact dates later. Also a daughter (myself) – Rita Gay Dragland (born ** 1946). My current married name is Rita Gay Hansen. I have the following children: Michele Lynn Arkell – Nichols (Nichols is married name), born ** 1968. She has three children, Chase Ryan Nichols (****), Cole Nichols (****), and Madison Ruth Nichols (****). My next child was Michael Ryan Arkell (born ** 1972). He has two daughters, McKenna Elyse Arkell (born ****), and Rylie Arkell (born ****). My next son was Ryan Mark Hansen, born June 20, 1978 – died August 25, 1982. My next son is Brett Laird Hansen, born ** 1980.
I hope this helps – Rita Hansen (Dragland) – Email address: We plan a trip to Norway next June (2005)!

[Note: Birthdays of living persons (and birth years of children) were omitted here for security reasons, but will be included in the family tree in the “family members only” secured section of this site.
— Vaughn.]

Topic: info of me and mine
 marilyn dragland Posted: 16-Nov-2003 13:23
 hello everyone nice to see you again here is my updates for my family tree . i have 4 children 1-jamie may spurrill born april 11/84 at penticton,b.c. she is now married to blaine kesler and they gave me a granddaughter, chazley danika-may kesler born march 15/03 in lethbridge,ab. 2- devin thomas spurrill, born april 1/86 at north vancouver,b.c. 3- derrick edward spurrill, born august 27/88 at victoria,b.c. 4- shane william spurrill, born november 21/89 at estevan, sask. i live at crawford bay,b.c. thanks for everything i will be back later. love marilyn
 Vaughn Posted: 16-Nov-2003 23:43 Marilyn:
Thanks for the info!
I will get this added to the family tree ASAP.
Warm Wishes,

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  1. George Dragland of Ballard fondly known as Corky has some great tales to tell. He operated a fishing boat for awhile but then found being a machinist was a lot more lucrative and safer than being on the high seas. Corky Dragland as he is affectionately known around Ballard plays the accordian and the piano. He plays the accordian Sunday mornings at the Ballard Sunday Market. He is a kindly soul in his 70’s but feels like he is years younger. I will chat with him more and get some amazing family stories to post and share. He learned to be a Machinist from his uncle who was married to Virginia. Virginia is in her 90’s and still going strong. More to follow

  2. George T Dragland who is well known as Corky can be found playing the accordian early Sunday mornings at the Ballard Market. He is funny gotta see him.

  3. Hi everyone. I recently found out that my grandfather, Emil Larson, is actually Emil Dragland. My sister Anne was doing family research, and found out where my grandfather was from and his real name. I was told by my mother Hilma, that he left home at 15, lied about his age. On his deathbed he confided in my mother that his real name was Lars Druggan. Well come to find out, it wasn’t his name, but his father’s name: Lars Dragland. Wow! What a discovery for my family! My sister was told by Don Dragland to get in touch with Vaughn Dragland to fill him in on my grandfathers info. My family is so excited to find out about my grandfathers family. My mom Hilma, passed away in 1999. It’s a shame we came across this info after her passing. She was the only one of 9 with a Norwegian name, her father named her after one of his sisters. I hope everyone else is as excited as we are in this finding!

    • I will have to ask Corky about him. Corky is a young 80 years old. I will see what he knows about him.

  4. Hi. My name is Walter N. Dragland, and I live in Norway. My grandfather, Norman Dragland, was grown up at the place Dragland on the island Tjeldøya. There is a strait going along this island and it is called Tjeldsund. Sund is a strait. Norman had a sister who emigrated to the US and settled in Seatle. Her name was Hildur Dragland. She is dead now, but I have relatives in US from her. It is very interesting to read those sides, but I think this webside is not very active.

  5. I will speak to George Dragland aka Corky, that may have been his grandma or great grandma he is in his 80’s and still kicking and drinking like a fish. I will see what I can find out. Will keep you posted on what Corky tells me.

    • I did a quick look at public records here is what I found
      Here you go

      Hildur* Kristine Johnsen Dragland
      Birth 14 Jun 1895 in Dragland, Tjeldsund, Nordland, Norge
      Death 6 May 1987 in Seattle, King County, Washington, USA
      Then she married a man named Harry Monson in on 11-20-1954

      She had children with her first husbandI will talk to Corky and get names and more information. He is a wealth of information. Thank you Carol …

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