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If you’re just dropping in for a look, please sign the guest book. We would like to know that you were here.
Topic: Signing ..
 Mandi Posted: 19-May-2002 23:29  
 I get to be the first to sign. Yaahy.
My name is Mandi (Amanda) Dragland.
My Dragland Pedigree looks like this…

Father: Vaughn Leonard Dragland
Grandfather: Lawrence Dale Dragland
Great Grandfather: Rudy Magnus Dragland
GG Grandfather: Mikal Peder Olsen Dragland (from Norway)

I am looking forward to finding out more family information…

Topic: Hey
 Addison Posted: 10-Apr-2004 09:45  
 This is just Addison Dragland here I was just taking a look and I find that this site is very good. I was wondering how I could get on the family directory???
Topic: Guest 
 Jeanne Posted: 14-Jun-2002 19:31  
 Just wanted to say I was here. 
(Jeanne Morrison –  Vancouver, BC, Canada)

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  1. This is so cool. I had no idea my grampa Rikard Burnhard Olsen was a Dragland. He and his little brother Mathius met up with their brother Rasmus in North Dakota. Rikard (Richard) then moved to Richamond Beach, Washington and had several children, one of which was my dad Jon. I am the youngest of six and I live in Everett, Washington. This site is very cool.

  2. Hi all!

    Just spent some time reading thru the website again!

    Makes me want to go to Norway. Sorry I missed the reunion last September. Hopefully next time! Great site.

  3. Hello everyone,
    I am the granddaughter of Esther Viola Olson and Henry Rydland. I have been working onour family tree and found this site online.What fun to see all the family lines!

  4. Hi everyone! Just recently found out that my grandfather Emil Larson is actually Emil Dragland. I was told by my mother Hilma, that he left at 15 lied about his age, changed his name and joined the service. My sister Anne was doing some research and came across the Dragland site and contacted Don. They exchanged pics and the resemblance of his father Chris and my grandfather is uncanny! Growing up, my mother and her siblings new very little of his past. Apparently on my Grandfather’s deathbed he confided in my mom that is real name was Lars Druggan and that she was named after one of his sister’s. I’m guessing she misinterpreted what he was saying and he actually meant his father’s name was Lars Dragland. We are so excited about this recent finding. Too bad it came 13 years too late for my mom, who was the baby of the family and the only one with a Norweigan name. My sister will be adding pictures and info to the site very soon as she was told to contact Vaughn. Take care all, and look forward to learning about our/my “new found family”!

    • Thanks for posting, Mary! The whole family is thrilled with this discovery. It is very sad that mom isn’t here to learn this wonderful news. We know that she was very proud of her Norwegian heritage and this information would have meant the world to her.

      I want to thank Don for responding to my initial email inquiry about all of this. The main connection was that the dates matched and there was an Emil and Hilma listed as children. I think had Pop not named our mom after one of his sisters, we may never have made this connection. Once Don and I exchanged information and then pictures, there was no question that his father and our grandfather were brothers.

      Also, thanks to our brother, Tom who had done a bit of research on months prior. He found out that the name was Dragland and not Druggan. I found the Lars Dragland info on, typed in the name Lars Dragland into google, found Don’s story and that’s what got the ball rolling.

      We look forward to posting our information on the Dragland Family website.

      Take care!

  5. Hi Vaughn,
    Thanks! I have sent some information to your email.
    Take care,

  6. has some great resources for construction workers.

  7. Hi……not sure if there is a connection. I am married to Richard Drageland. My name is Joan. We live in Maine. All I know is his father was from Norway. His name was Charles. You have a nice site, and I thought I would send a note.

  8. Hello! Nice to find this address on the net. I try to find relatives, but names is not my strong side. I remember that the sister of my grandfather, Norman Dragland, emigrated to Seattle. Her daughters name was Alice. I live in Norway, in Moss, and I have summer house in Tjeldsund. I visit Dragland every year. The house where my grandfather grew up is not there anymore, but there is still about 20 houses. My grandfather was married to Walborg Dragland (born Hol). My name is Walter Normann Dragland.

  9. Hi Walter! It is great to meet you. We are most likely distant cousins…

    Best Regards,
    Våughn Dragland
     Home: 416.622.0276
     Office: 416.622.8789
     Mobile: 416.219.8790

    Dragland Family Association
     E-mail:
     Web:

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