Slide show from the September 2010 “mini-reunion” in Medicine Hat


In case you didn’t stumble across this in the Photo Gallery of the main DFA website,
here is the link to some pictures from last year’s mini-reunion…


Dragland Family Reunion 2010

Hello Draglands!

We are having a reunion (actually more of a  “mini-reunion”) this coming Labor Day Weekend in Medicine Hat, and everyone is invited…

The Main Event:
Date:  Saturday  September 4th, 2010
Time:  3:00 pm
Location:  The Coast Hotel Medicine Hat
Address:  3216 – 13 Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada  T1B 1H8
Hotel Rates & Reservations:

* There will also be a pilgrimage to the Dragland Farms at Maleb, Alberta, on Sunday September 5th — with possible stops in Bow Island, Etzikom,  and Elkwater.

Please spread the word to any Draglands you know of who might be interested.

 In order to plan for room size and food, we need to know ASAP who is coming,  so please RSVP by August 1st if possible.

 We will post more information as further details are known.

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From our legacy blog – HUMOUR

Topic: City Jokes
 BRADDRAGLAND Posted: 08-Jan-2004 16:30 

Last week some City workers were planting trees beside a busy road downtown. Which at first glance didn’t seem to unusual to the people speeding by.
But as rush hour grew closer and traffic was moving along at a snails pace,a lot of citizens were concerned,
because as they watched the workers they noticed that no sooner had one of them dug the hole, the next one was filling the hole back in with dirt. But no trees were being planted.
Before you knew it there was a flood of complaints to City Hall.
Then an hour later the area Alderman was on the scene, asking what the hell was going on.
They said, “Tim, the person responsible for putting the trees in the hole phoned in sick today.”

Three young boys were at the playground one day bragging about their Dad’s jobs.
The first boy said,”My Dad has the fastest job in the world, because he is a race car driver.”
The second boy said,”Oh yah, well my Dad is faster than your Dad, he is an airline pilot.”
The third boy, not to be outdone said,”My dad is faster than both of your Dads, he works for the City, he gets off work at 4:30 and is home by 4:00.”

What is white and sleeps six?
A City crew truck.

Topic: Blonde Cook Book
 Vaughn Posted: 30-May-2003 01:13   
 Blonde Cook Book

It’s fun to cook for Bob. Today I made angel food
cake. The recipe said beat 12 eggs separately. The
neighbors were nice enough to loan me some extra bowls.

Bob wanted fruit salad for supper. The recipe said
serve without dressing. So I didn’t dress. What a
surprise when Bob brought a friend home for supper.

A good day for rice. The recipe said wash thoroughly
before steaming the rice. It seemed kinda of silly but
I took a bath. I can’t say it improved the rice any.

Today Bob asked for salad again. I tried a new recipe.
It said prepare ingredients, then toss on a bed of
lettuce one hour before serving. Which is what led up
to Bob asking me why I was rolling around in the

I found an easy recipe for cookies. It said put all
ingredients in bowl and beat it. There must have been
something wrong with this recipe. When I got back,
everything was the same as when I left.

Bob did the shopping today and brought home a chicken.
He asked me to dress it for Sunday (oh boy). For some
reason Bob keeps counting to ten.

Bob’s folks came to dinner. I wanted to serve roast.
All I could find was hamburger. Suddenly I had a flash
of genius. I put the hamburger in the oven and set
the controls for roast. It still came out hamburger,
much to my disappointment.

This has been a very exciting week. I am eager for
tomorrow to come so I can try out a new recipe on Bob.
If we could just get a bigger oven, I would like to
surprise him with Chocolate Moose


Topic: From the mouths of babes
 Vaughn Posted: 30-May-2003 01:06   
 A small boy was lost at a large shopping mall. He approached a
uniformed policeman and said, “I’ve lost my dad!”
The cop asked, “What’s he like?”
The little boy replied, “Beer and women with big boobs.”

 Topic: Fowl Answer
 Vaughn Posted: 30-May-2003 01:04   A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store, but couldn’t find one big enough for her family. She asked a stock boy, “Do these turkeys get any bigger?”
The stock boy replied, “No ma’am, they’re dead.”

Topic: Dragland Jokes
 Vaughn Posted: 30-May-2003 00:56  
 (Lars, Ole and Lena)

Lars asked Ole, “Do ya know da difference between a Norvegian and a canoe? “No, I don’t,” said Ole. “A canoe will sometimes tip,” explained Lars.
Lena called the airlines information desk and inquired, “How long does it take to fly from Minneapolis to Fargo?” “Just a minute,” said the busy clerk. “Vell, said Lena, “if it has to go dat fast, I tink I’ll just take da bus.”
Ole is so cheap that after his airplane landed safely he grumbled, “Vell, dere gose five dollars down da drain for dat flight insurance!”
Lars: “Ole, stant in front of my car and tell me if da turn signals are working.” Ole: “Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No….”
Ole and Lena got married. On their honeymoon trip they were nearing Minneapolis when Ole put his hand on Lena’s knee. Giggling, Lena said, “Ole, you can go a little farther now if ya vant to.” So Ole drove to Duluth.
“Hey, Sven!” said Ole. “How many Svedes does it take to grease a combine?” After Sven replied, “I don’t know.” Ole said, “Only two, if you run dem through real slow.”
Ole bought Lena a piano for her birthday. A few weeks later, Lars inquired how she was doing with it. “Oh,” said Ole, “I persuaded her to svitch to a clarinet.” “How come?” asked Lars. “Vell,” Ole answered, “because vith a clarinet she can’t sing.”
Ole and Lena went to the Olympics. While sitting on a bench a lady turned to Ole and said, “Are you a pole vaulter?” Ole said, “No, I’m Norvegian … and my name isn’t Valter.”
The judge had just awarded a divorce to Lena, who had charged non-support. He said to Ole, “I have decided to give your wife $400 a month for support.” “Vell, dat’s fine, Judge,” said Ole. “And vunce in a while I’ll try to chip in a few bucks, myself.”
Ole and Lars were on their very first train ride. They had brought along bananas for lunch. Just as they began to peel them, the train entered a long, dark tunnel. “Have you eaten your banana yet?” Ole asked excitedly. “No,” replied Lars. “Vell, don’t touch it den,” Ole exclaimed. “I yust took vun bite and vent blind!”
Ole died. So Lena went to the local paper to put a notice in the obituaries. The gentleman at the counter, after offering his condolences, asked Lena what she would like to say about Ole. Lena replied, “You yust put ‘Ole died.'” The gentleman, somewhat perplexed, said, “That’s it? Just ‘Ole died?’ Surely, there must be something more you’d like to say about Ole. If it’s money you’re concerned about, the first five words are free. We must say something more.” So Lena pondered for a few minutes and finally said, “O.K. You put ‘Ole died. Boat for sale.'”

And dot’s enough!!

From our legacy blog – GUEST BOOK

If you’re just dropping in for a look, please sign the guest book. We would like to know that you were here.
Topic: Signing ..
 Mandi Posted: 19-May-2002 23:29  
 I get to be the first to sign. Yaahy.
My name is Mandi (Amanda) Dragland.
My Dragland Pedigree looks like this…

Father: Vaughn Leonard Dragland
Grandfather: Lawrence Dale Dragland
Great Grandfather: Rudy Magnus Dragland
GG Grandfather: Mikal Peder Olsen Dragland (from Norway)

I am looking forward to finding out more family information…

Topic: Hey
 Addison Posted: 10-Apr-2004 09:45  
 This is just Addison Dragland here I was just taking a look and I find that this site is very good. I was wondering how I could get on the family directory???
Topic: Guest 
 Jeanne Posted: 14-Jun-2002 19:31  
 Just wanted to say I was here. 
(Jeanne Morrison –  Vancouver, BC, Canada)

From our legacy blog – FAMILY INFORMATION

 Topic: Family Information
Oddvar Skogsletten Posted: 21-May-2002 04:48 
 Hello everybody !

My name is Oddvar Skogsletten born 20.07.1947 in Harstad, now living in Oslo, Norway.
I was surfing on the net when I found a connection to your Dragland family pages.

I am a descendant of Daniel Harr Martinussen. He is one of my great grandfathers on my mothers side.
Here is a little data that I have collected during the last years :


Born: 20.juli 1947, at: Harstad Married: 25. oktober 1976 at: Oslo, N
orway Died:Still alive !!! at:
Father:Thorleif SKOGSLETTEN
Mother:Erna MARIE DANIELSEN Other Spouses:

Wife: Anne-Brit ELVESTAD

Born: Private at: Hølen
Father: Anton Elvestad
Mother: Solveig Elvestad
Other Spouses:

Husband: Thorleif SKOGSLETTEN

Born: 24. noveber 1919 at: Leknes, Lofoten
Married: 02.10.1943 at: Oslo, Norway
Died: 07.07.1987 at: Oslo
Father:Einar Bettheus Hansen Skogsletten
Mother:Alfrida Skogsletten
Other Spouses:


Born: 27.february 1919 at: Fiskefjord
Died: at:
Father:Othelius DANIELSEN
Mother:Olga Henriette Kristine INGEBRIGSEN
Other Spouses:


Born: Private at:
Married: at:
Died: at:

Born: Private at: Oslo
Married: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Anne-Brit ELVESTAD



Born: 23.4.1880 at: Fiskefjord
Married: 1911 at:
Died: 9.09.1933 at: Fiskefjord
Father:Daniel Harr MARTHINUSSEN
Mother:Berit Marie OLSDTR
Other Spouses: Alvilde Margrethe MARTINUSDTR

Wife: Olga Henriette Kristine INGEBRIGSEN

Born: 15.1.1892 at: Forskolten
Died: 13.3.1960 at: Fiskefjord
Other Spouses:


Born: Private at: Fiskefjord
Married: 02.10.1943 at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Thorleif SKOGSLETTEN

Husband: Othelius DANIELSEN

Born: 23.4.1880 at: Fiskefjord Married: 1911 at: Died: 9.09.1933 at:
Fiskefjord Father:Daniel Harr MARTHINUSSEN Mother:Berit Marie OLSDTR O
ther Spouses: Alvilde Margrethe MARTINUSDTR

Wife: Olga Henriette Kristine INGEBRIGSEN

Born: 15.1.1892 at: Forskolten Died: 13.3.1960 at: Fiskefjord Father:
Mother: Other Spouses:

Husband: Daniel Harr MARTHINUSSEN

Born: 7.08.1853 at: Fiskefjord, Tjeldsund Prgj, Nordland
Married: 1877 at:
Died: 3.4.1930 at: Fiskefjord, Tjeldsund Prgj, Nordland
Father:Marthinus PETTERSEN
Mother:Fredrikke JENSDTR
Other Spouses:

Wife: Berit Marie OLSDTR

Born: 08.10.1856 at: Dragland, Tjeldsund prgj, Nordland
Died: 26.01.1941 at: Fiskefjord, Tjeldsund Prgj, Nordland
Father:Ola Torson LIMMESAND
Mother:Mette Jonette DANIELSDTR
Other Spouses:


Name: Othelius DANIELSEN
Born: 23.4.1880 at: Fiskefjord
Married: 1911 at:
Died: 9.09.1933 at: Fiskefjord
Spouses: Olga Henriette Kristine INGEBRIGSEN Alvilde Margrethe MARTI

Berit Marie OLSDTR

Husband: Daniel Harr MARTHINUSSEN

Born: 7.08.1853 at: Fiskefjord, Tjeldsund Prgj, Nordland Married: 187
7 at: Died: 3.4.1930 at: Fiskefjord, Tjeldsund Prgj, Nordland Father:M
arthinus PETTERSEN Mother:Fredrikke JENSDTR Other Spouses:

Wife: Berit Marie OLSDTR

Born: 08.10.1856 at: Dragland, Tjeldsund prgj, Nordland Died: 26.01.1
941 at: Fiskefjord, Tjeldsund Prgj, Nordland Father:Ola Torson LIMMESA
ND Mother:Mette Jonette DANIELSDTR Other Spouses:


Name: Marthinus Fredrik DANIELSEN Born: 1878 at: Fiskefjord, Tjeldsun
d Prgj, Nordland Married: 1912 at: Fiskefjord Died: 1967 at: Fiskefjor
d, Tjeldsund Prgj, Nordland Spouses: Marie Aminda JACOBSEN

Name: Othelius DANIELSEN Born: 23.4.1880 at: Fiskefjord Married: 1911
at: Died: 9.09.1933 at: Fiskefjord Spouses: Olga Henriette Kristine I

Name: Daniel Martin DANIELSEN Born: 7.10.1882 at: Fiskefjord, Tjeldsu
nd Prgj, Nordland Married: 23.10.1904 at: Died: 13.7.1983 at: Fjelldal
sykehjem Spouses: Helga Teonore HANSEN

Name: Gerhard Nikolai DANIELSEN Born: 1884 at: Fiskefjord Married: at
: Died: 1887 at: Fiskefjord Spouses:

Name: Gerhard Alfred Helmer DANIELSEN Born: 22.5.1888 at: Fiskefjord
Married: 31.12.1923 at: Died: 3.12.1964 at: Fiskøy Spouses: Anna Krist

Name: Magdalena Leonore Dorthea DANIELSDTR Born: 1890 at: Fiskefjord
Married: 16.09.1912 at: Died: at: Spouses: Jert Lind Leier ERIKSTAD

Name: Regine Antonette Berntine DANIELSDTR Born: 1892 at: Fiskefjord
Married: at: Died: 1894 at: Fiskefjord Spouses:

Name: Olga Amanda Josefine DANIELSDTR Born: 28.5.1894 at: Fiskefjord
Married: 9.01.1919 at: Died: 15.11.1986 at: Fiskefjord Spouses: Frode

Name: Johannes Amandus Berg DANIELSEN Born: 1896 at: Fiskefjord Marri
ed: 1927 at: Died: at: Spouses: Hildborg Sjarlotte Lind EILERTSEN

Name: Rudolf Otto Eivind DANIELSEN Born: 15.10.1898 at: Fiskefjord Ma
rried: 3.09.1927 at: Died: at: Spouses: Oddrun Antonette OLSEN

Name: Jerløv Olav Bang DANIELSEN Born: 23.5.1901 at: Fiskefjord Marri
ed: 1926 at: Died: 5.02.1972 at: Skjellesvik, Tysfjord Spouses: Ida Am

Husband: Ola Torson LIMMESAND

Born: 24.12.1817 at: Limmesand, Arnafjord sogn, Vik i Sogn Married: 2
2.10.1850 at: Ibestad krk Died: 20.01.1890 at: Dragland,Tjeldsund prgj
Father:Tor Nilsson LIMMESAND Mother:Brita Sjursdtr HALLSETE Other Spo
uses: Brita Olsdtr FINDEN

Wife: Mette Jonette DANIELSDTR

Born: 04.02.1831 at: Årstein, Gratangen Died: 29.01.1914 at: Dragland
, Tjeldsund prgj Father:Daniel BERTHEUSSEN Mother:Johanna MIKKELSDTR O
ther Spouses:


Name: Theodor OLSEN Born: 07.06.1850 at: Dragland Married: 05.11.1874
at: Died: at: Spouses: Regine Rask Valberg RASMUSDTR

Name: Nikoline Marie OLSEN Born: 14 APR 1852 at: Lødingen prgj Marrie
d: at: Died: at: USA Spouses:

Name: Johanne Bergitte Serine OLSDTR Born: 29 JUN 1854 at: Married: a
t: Died: at: Spouses:

Name: Berit Marie OLSDTR Born: 08.10.1856 at: Dragland, Tjeldsund prg
j, Nordland Married: 1877 at: Died: 26.01.1941 at: Fiskefjord, Tjeldsu
nd Prgj, Nordland Spouses: Daniel Harr MARTHINUSSEN

Name: Dorthea Berntine OLSDTR Born: 9.01.1859 at: Dragland Married: a
t: Died: 6.07.1861 at: Dragland Spouses:

Name: Daniel Bertheus OLSEN Born: 3.08.1861 at: Dragland Married: at:
Sharon, North Dakota Died: 1931 at: Fargo, North Dakota Spouses: Anna

Name: Lars Olai Olsen DRAGLAND Born: 16.7.1863 at: Dragland Married:
17.07.1884 at: Lodingen Prgj, Norway Died: 1907 at: Kloten, North Dako
ta Spouses: Karoline Amalie GREGUSSEN

Name: Mikal Peder Olsen DRAGLAND Born: 13.5.1866 at: Dragland Married
: at: Died: 19.4.1940 at: ?Medicine Hat, Canada Spouses: Mary GULLIKSE

Name: Magdalena Olivia Petrike OLSDTR Born: 12.6.1868 at: Married: at
: Dragland Died: at: Spouses: Peder Andreas Berg EIDISSEN Peter Andrea

Name: Emerentse Anna Kristine OLSDTR Born: 17.1.1871 at: Dragland Mar
ried: 1890 at: North Dakota Died: 1955 at: Hårvik Spouses: Petter Jent

Name: Joakim Berg OLSEN Born: 28.1.1873 at: Dragland Married: at: Die
d: CIR1920 at: ?Seattle Spouses:

Name: Thomas Olsen DRAGLAND Born: 27.4.1878 at: Dragland Married: 190
1 at: Seattle Died: 6.11.1931 at: Seattle Spouses: Gerharda Johanne JA

Husband: Tor Nilsson LIMMESAND

Born: 2.11.1775 at: Limmesand,Arnafjord sokn,Vik prgj Married: 2.11.1
806 at: Arnafjord kirke, Vik prgj Died: 30.11.1830 at: Limmesand,Arnaf
jord sokn,Vik prgj Father:Nils Hallvardson LIMMESAND Mother:Randi OLSD
DTR Other Spouses:

Wife: Brita Sjursdtr HALLSETE

Born: 23.01.1783 at: Hallsete,Arnafjord sokn, Vik prgj Died: 27.06.18
37 at: Limmesand,Arnafjord sokn,Vik prgj Father:Sjur Larsson HALLSETE
Mother:Brita Olsdtr HAUGLUM Other Spouses:


Name: Anna Torsdtr LIMMESAND Born: 28.12.1806 at: Limmesand,Arnafjord
sokn,Vik prgj Married: at: Died: BEF 23.03.1831 at: Limmesand,Arnafjo
rd sokn,Vik prgj? Spouses:

Name: Nils Torson LIMMESAND Born: 19.10.1808 at: Limmesand,Arnafjord
sokn,Vik prgj Married: 21.2.1836 at: Died: 24.06.1881 at: Rice Co, Min
nesota Spouses: Kari Guttormsdtr ÅSE

Name: Sjur Torson LIMMESND Born: 24.11.1810 at: Limmesand,Arnafjord s
okn,Vik prgj Married: 25.04.1848 at: Kyrkjebø sokn? Died: 30.08.1890 a
t: Trondenes, Sør- Lavangen? Vik prgj? Spouses: Ingeborg Gunnarsdtr MJ

Name: Anna Torsdtr LIMMESAND Born: 05.05.1813 at: Limmesand,Arnafjord
sokn,Vik prgj Married: at: Died: 17.12.1820 at: Limmesand,Arnafjord s
okn,Vik prgj Spouses:

Name: Brita Torsdtr LIMMESAND Born: 15.04.1815 at: Limmesand,Arnafjor
d sokn,Vik prgj Married: at: Died: 22.07.1815 at: Limmesand,Arnafjord
sokn,Vik prgj Spouses:

Name: Peder (Per) Torson LIMMESAND Born: 08.06.1816 at: Limmesand, Ar
nafjord sokn,Vik prgj Married: at: Died: 07.02.1866 at: Dragland, Tjel
dsund prgj Spouses:

Name: Ola Torson LIMMESAND Born: 24.12.1817 at: Limmesand, Arnafjord
sogn, Vik i Sogn Married: 22.10.1850 at: Ibestad krk Died: 20.01.1890
at: Dragland,Tjeldsund prgj Spouses: Mette Jonette DANIELSDTR Brita Ol

Name: Randi Torsdtr LIMMESAND Born: 28.4.1821 at: Limmesand,Arnafjord
sokn,Vik prgj Married: at: Died: 22.5.1893 at: Dragland, Tjeldsund pr
gj,Nordland Spouses:

Name: Johannes Torson LIMMESAND Born: 02.05.1823 at: Limmesand,Arnafj
ord sokn,Vik prgj Married: 20.06.1853 at: Died: 1894 at: Fretheim, Arn
afjord sokn,Vik prgj Spouses: Lussi Johannesdtr OTTERSKREA

Name: Brita Torsdtr LIMMESAND Born: 21.09.1825 at: Limmesand,Arnafjor
d sokn,Vik prgj Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Elling Olsen TUNE

Husband: Nils Hallvardson LIMMESAND

Born: 1750 at: Married: at: Died: 30.11.1804 at: Father: Mother: Othe
r Spouses:

Wife: Randi OLSDDTR

Born: 1750 at: Died: at: Father: Mother: Other Spouses:


Name: Tor Nilsson LIMMESAND Born: 2.11.1775 at: Limmesand,Arnafjord s
okn,Vik prgj Married: 2.11.1806 at: Arnafjord kirke, Vik prgj Died: 30
.11.1830 at: Limmesand,Arnafjord sokn,Vik prgj Spouses: Brita Sjursdtr

Name: Per Nilsson LIMMESAND Born: 1777 at: Married: at: Died: 1779 at
: Spouses:

Name: Anna Nilsdtr LIMMESAND Born: 1779 at: Married: at: Died: 1805 a
t: Spouses: Nils JOHANNESSON

Name: Halvard Nilsson LIMMESAND Born: 1782 at: Limmesand,Arnafjord so
kn,Vik prgj Married: 01.11.1812 at: Died: 24.3.1837 at: Limmesand,Arna
fjord sokn,Vik prgj? Spouses: Sigrid Rognaldsdtr ÅSE

Name: Ragnhild Nilsdtr LIMMESAND Born: 1788 at: Married: 08.07.1810 a
t: Died: 03.08.1830 at: Spouses: Johannes Knutson Midlang BR

Name: Sigrid Nilsson LIMMESAND Born: 1788 at: Married: at: Died: at:
Spouses: Elling Jonson GEITHUS

Name: Bodil Nilsdtr LIMMESAND Born: 1792 at: Married: 04.06.1822 at:
Died: at: Spouses: Helge Olson LIGTVOR

Husband: Marthinus PETTERSEN

Born: 19.02.1822 at: Kongsvik
Married: at:
Died: 1877 at:
Father:Petter Fredrik Brun ARNOLDUSSEN
Mother:Lisbeth DANIELSDTR
Other Spouses:

Wife: Fredrikke JENSDTR

Born: CIR 1814 at: Sandnes i Ibestad
Died: 04.09.1893 at: Fiskefjord, Tjeldsund Prgj, Nordland
Father:Jens HANSEN
Mother:Anne Maria FREDRIKSDTR
Other Spouses:


Name: Ellen Elisabeth MARTHINUSDTR
Born: 24.7.1848 at: Kongsvik
Married: at:
Died: at:

Name: Anne Jensine Marie MARTHINUSDTR
Born: 7.05.1850 at:
Married: at:
Died: at:

Name: Jakob Andreas MARTHIUSSEN
Born: 19.06.1851 at: Kongsvik
Married: 27.12.1878 at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Anne Kristine JOHANSDTR Jørgine Dorthea JOHANSDTR

Name: Daniel Harr MARTHINUSSEN
Born: 7.08.1853 at: Fiskefjord, Tjeldsund Prgj, Nordland
Married: 1877 at:
Died: 3.4.1930 at: Fiskefjord, Tjeldsund Prgj, Nordland
Spouses: Berit Marie OLSDTR

Now I am a distant member of the Dragland family.
The 2. that signed inn on this Guest book !!


 Vaughn Posted: 21-May-2002 10:06 
Many thanks for all of the information about your branch of the family. I will use this to update the family tree on this site…
Best Regards,

From our legacy blog – TJELDSUND

Topic: Name of places in the family tree
 Oddvar Skogsletten Posted: 25-Apr-2003 07:48
in Descendants of Nils Hallvardson Limmesand, (1750 – 1804)
you use the name ‘Tyeisund’.
There is no place in Norway with that name.
Now or before.
I think the name must be ‘Tjeldsund’.
I have just been on a trip to Australia to visit relatives in Sydney, Brisbane and Burketown.
And my daughter, Tone, who is studying in Perth.
Greetings to everybody
Oddvar Skogsletten 
 Vaughn Posted: 22-May-2003 23:01 
 Hello Oddvar:
Thanks for spotting that error.
It has now been corrected.
Warm Regards,


Topic: Daniel Mikal Nikolai Dragland family
 Vaughn Posted: 05-Jun-2003 01:42   
 * This message was forwarded from Angie Anders of Karnack Texas.
(Note: Personal information such as birthdays and street addresses have been removed from this public message board for privacy reasons. A more complete listing can be viewed in the “members only” area of this site.)

Hello Draglands…
I’m sorry for being so late in getting this done. I keep meaning to finish it and get it sent to you, and something always comes up and I get sidetracked. Here is what I have finished so far, below. I had them all indented to the correct space, but somehow it was lost in transfering it into the email, but they are all numbered accoding to your family tree pattern. All of the information is not listed for all members, but we can add it as we find it. Mandy, you might be able to fill in the details on your end. Thanks so much Vaughn, for keeping this up for all of us. We appreciate it!

177.4 Daniel Mikal Nikolai Dragland
…177.41 Hilma Elizabeth Dragland, b. 1922 in Hot Springs AR, Hair Dresser, m. 1940 James Carlton Brown, b. 1918 , d. 1997. She resides in Serepta, Louisiana.
……177.411 Dale Carlton Brown, b. 1943 in Springhill LA, Railroad Engineer, m. Brenda, but divorced, then m. Margie. Resides in Texas
………177.411.1 Jessica Brown (mother Brenda)
………177.411.2 Carla Brown (mother Brenda)

…177.42 Marvin Eugene Dragland b. 1925 in Hot Springs, AR. House painter. M. 1947, to Lena Marie Bible, b. 1924 in Minden, LA
……177.421 Robert Wayne Dragland, b. 1948 in Springhill LA, Animal Husbandry, m. Kathy Farmer, divorced and then m. Jackie Leach, divorced and then m. Joan Sanders.
………177.421.1 Daniel Lee Dragland, born 1978 in Baton Rouge LA (mother Kathy)
………177.421.2 Elissa Marie Dragland, born 1981 in Baton Rouge LA (mother Jackie Leach)
………177.421.3 Kristina Leigh Dragland, born 1985 in Baton Rouge LA (mother Jackie Leach)

……177.422 Peggy Ann Dragland, b. 1950 in Springhill LA, Registered Dietician, m. Marion Lynn Caldwell, b. 1946 in Malvern AR.
………177.422.1 Gene Paul Caldwell, born 1977 in Memphis TN, Auto Mechanic, married Christina Hamrick.
…………177.422.11 Kendra Renee Caldwell b: 1998
…………177.422.12 Lauren Hope Caldwell b: 2000 (now living in Lynchburg, VA)

………177.422.2 Dorothy Marie Caldwell b: 1979

……177.423 Michael Dragland (info?)
……177.424 Mary Dragland – Married Charles Glenn Denny and lives in Minden La
………177.424.1 Shelly Marie Denny b. 1974 Married Scott McLain in 1994, lives in Minden La
…………177.424.11 Christian Blake McLain b. 1997
…………177.424.12 Baylee Nicole McLain b. 2000
…………177.424.13 Garrett Duran McLain b. 2002

………177.424.2 Angela Renea Denny b. 1977. (This is me) Married Jeremy Lynn Anders in 1996, and lives with family in Karnack Texas.
…………177.424.21 Hannah Mykale Anders b. 1996
…………177.424.22 Reagan Delane Anders b. 1999

………177.424.3 Eric Michael Denny, married Dana Burrows, and lives in Ruston, La.

……177.425 Thomas Dragland born 1955 in Springhill LA, Agricultural Engineer, married Lynnie Hansen, born 1956
………177.425.1 Amanda Doreen Dragland, born 1980 in Bossier City LA, married 2001 Steve Nix. She has a page in your directory.
…………177.425.11 Benjamin Zion Nix, born 1999 in Springfield MO

………177.425.2 Abigail Nichole Dragland, born 1983 in Bossier City LA

……177.426 John Lee Dragland, born 1957 in Springhill LA, Carpenter, married Sandra and Edith, but divorced, with no children, then married Sharon Branch Williams 1999
………177.426.0 Kasey Williams (Child of Sharon from previous marriage)
………177.426.1 John Michael Dragland

……177.427 David Oliver Dragland, born 1959 in Springhill LA, Heavy Equipment Mechanic, married Frankie Lynette Hood, born 1970
………177.427.0 Andy Dragland (Lynette’s child, adopted by David) Michael Anthony (Andy) Dragland, born 1986 in Shreveport LA
………177.427.+ Maegun Dragland (adopted by David also) Maegun Lynette Dragland (adopted), born 1988 in Shreveport LA
………177.427.1 Joshua David Dragland, born 1992 in Bossier City LA
………177.427.2 Leah Marie Dragland, born 1995 in Bossier City LA
 Vaughn Posted: 05-Jun-03 01:52 
I have added this information to the family tree masters. Thank you ever so much for your help!

From our legacy blog – OBITUARIES

Topic: Joyce Dixon
 BRADDRAGLAND Posted: 04-Aug-2004 23:25   
 I spoke to Betty Kemp today, she wanted me to let
everyone know that Joyce Dixon from Las Vegas died of
lung cancer yesterday.
The funeral will be in Las vegas in a couple of days.
Talk at you soon

Topic: Joe Kimmitt – Obit.
 Vaughn Posted: 11-Apr-2004 12:17 
 Message forwarded from Brad Dragland & Todd Dragland:
Dragland Family Obituary:
Sadly, Joe Kimmitt, loving husband of Doris (Dragland) Kimmitt passed away on Tuesday, March 9, 2004. Apparently he suffered a heart attack. The funeral was held in Bow Island, Alberta, Canada on Saturday, March 13, 2004 at 1:00 p.m. 


Topic: OBIT – Marvin Dragland 10/2/25 – 2/8/04
 Angie Anders Posted: 11-Feb-2004 00:25
 I just wanted to let you know that my grandfather, Marvin Dragland, died Sunday morning due to what they believe was a heart attack. His memory will be cherished. I’ve copied his obituary below. – Angie

Marvin E. Dragland
SHONGALOO, LA – Funeral services for Marvin E. Dragland, age 78, will be held Wednesday, February 11, 2004 at 2 p.m. in the Bailey Chapel, Springhill, with Rev. Charles Woolley officiating and Rev. Jim Brown assisting. Interment will follow in the Old Shongaloo Cemetery under the direction of Bailey Mortuary, Springhill, LA.
Visitation will begin Tuesday at 5 p.m.
Mr. Dragland was born October 2, 1925 in Hot Springs, AR to Daniel Michael and Ethel Mae Thomas Dragland and passed away February 8, 2004 in Minden, Louisiana. He was a native of Hot Springs, AR and a resident of Shongaloo, LA, member of the Old Sarepta Missionary Baptist Church and a retired painter/contractor. He was also a Springhill graduate and US Navy veteran of WWIl.
He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Lena Marie Dragland of Shongaloo, LA; five sons, Robert Dragland and wife, Joan of Lewisburg, TN, Michael “Mike” Dragland and wife, Virginia of Baton Rouge, LA, Thomas “Tom” Dragland and wife, Lynnie of Benton, AR, John Dragland and wife, Sharon of Haynesville, LA, David Dragland and wife, Lynette of Shongaloo, LA; two daughters, Peggy Caldwell and husband, Lynn of Woodridge, VA, Mary Denny and husband, Glenn of Minden, LA; sixteen grandchildren; nine great grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews.
Mr. Dragland was preceded in death by his parents and a sister, Hilma Brown.
Pallbearers will be Steven Nix, Andy Dragland, Scott McLain, Jeremy Anders, Eric Denny and Daniel Dragland. Bailey Mortuary, Inc.

Topic: Gladys Dragland Peterson – (obit)
Don and Rosalie Posted: 12-Jul-2003 13:55  
Subject: a death of one of Chris Dragland’s children
Hello Vaughn,
I haven’t written to you in a while. I was checking the web site tonight, hoping that some other brave souls have ventured forth to submit some family history, but, nope – it doesn’t look like that is the case.
Anyway, my oldest sister, Gladys Dragland Peterson died yesterday, July 4, 2003 so I would like that to be indicated on the family page. Also, for some reason, I must have given you the wrong year for her date of birth. She was born in Feb. 28, 1920, so she lived to be 83. Hell, I’ll take that. That would give me 26 years of retirement, were I to be so fortunate. Anyway. I’d appreciate it if you would make those corrections.
Best Wishes to you and yours,
Don Dragland

Topic: My First Post – A Sad One
 Angie Anders Posted: 25-Jun-2003 14:55 
 Well I hate that my first post on our Dragland forum is going to be a sad one, but hopefully I will be around posting more up-beat news from time to time.
I’m sorry to say that my great-aunt, Hilma (177.41), who was Daniel Dragland’s only daughter, passed away yesterday (June 24th, 2003). We aren’t sure of funeral arrangements as of yet. Please pray for her surviving son Dale, who is the last of his immediate family.
Thank you,
 Vaughn Posted: 26-Jun-2003 14:54
Sorry to hear the sad news.
I will update our family tree accordingly.
(Thanks for using the Dragland Message Board.)


Topic: Donald Oren Dragland – (obit)
 Vaughn Posted: 22-May-2003 21:14
 Recent note from Todd:
I’n not sure if you had heard, but Don Dragland passed away on Tuesday, April 29, 2003, in Arizona. He is survived by his wife Caisa. Her address is 15041 West Fairmount Ave, Goodyear AZ 85338 USA.
God Bless…

From our legacy blog – FAMILY TREE UPDATES

Topic: Update on Branch 176

Donald Burnell Olson Posted: 30-Nov-2005 18:16  
Daniel Bertuese Olsen(Olson) was my grandfather. Anna, his wife, of course my grandmother. I do not have all the details regarding birthdates and deaths but hopefully will be able to get this info soon.
Children of Daniel and Anna were: Mary Meland (died ca 19xx, Esther Rydland(Henry Rydland)MN, Ole Olson (Hilda)MPLS, MN, Edwin (Fargo ND, Rudolph Frandlin,MN, and Victor (Wisconsin). All are now gone. My father was Rudolph Berger Olson who married Ella Louise Christian of Hatten, North Dakota in 1925. Rudy died in 1990 and Ella in 1991. Their children were: Harvey- Died in @ 1930, Betty Ann-died 1930, Laurie Jane Olson-LLoyd-Sherman-Died 2002, Betty Mae Olson-Johnson-Died 2004, Richard Ellswworth Olson married Beatrice Munsell of Franklin, MN and are living in Mankato, MN, Kay Francis Olson-Zubrod married William Zubrod Garden Grove CA,(Died 2003), Donald Burnell Olson(me)married Betty Ann Bronson Redwood Falls, MN(died 1998)and married Carol L. Henning(Peterson) of Renville, MN and Marjorie Ann Olson-Westmore-Peterson-Rusicka, Florida.
I will be in contact with a cousin, Noren Meland, Northwood, ND to provide the rest of the branches. I will ask him to sign up on this site and work to complete the rest of the Daniel B Olson lineage.
I shall also update the branch I have given with children and grandchildren and great grandchildren of the family.
I will try to add this info very soon. I find this very interesting and informative. Perhaps you can fill me in on how this info should be presented and arranged.
Donald Burnell Olson
Vaughn Posted: 28-Oct-2006 00:27
Thanks for posting all of this information. (Sorry about the tardy response…) I look forward to receiving further details on the Daniel B Olsen lineage.
The best way to lay it out is one person per line, in order of oldest siblings, with children under each set of parents. (See the Family Tree section of this Web site for examples.)
You can post your info in this forum, or email me at and I will add your details to the main line.
Best Regards,

Topic: Updates from Rita Hansen (Dragland)
 Vaughn Posted: 19-Sep-2004 23:23   Received 8/25/2004:
My father was Thorvald George Dragland, (17C.3 on family tree) born July 6, 1903. You have his one son George Thomas Dragland listed as a child of Thorvald. There were also two more. A son Daniel Gilbert Dragland (born about 1938) and died about 1984) He did not have any children. I will try to provide the exact dates later. Also a daughter (myself) – Rita Gay Dragland (born ** 1946). My current married name is Rita Gay Hansen. I have the following children: Michele Lynn Arkell – Nichols (Nichols is married name), born ** 1968. She has three children, Chase Ryan Nichols (****), Cole Nichols (****), and Madison Ruth Nichols (****). My next child was Michael Ryan Arkell (born ** 1972). He has two daughters, McKenna Elyse Arkell (born ****), and Rylie Arkell (born ****). My next son was Ryan Mark Hansen, born June 20, 1978 – died August 25, 1982. My next son is Brett Laird Hansen, born ** 1980.
I hope this helps – Rita Hansen (Dragland) – Email address: We plan a trip to Norway next June (2005)!

[Note: Birthdays of living persons (and birth years of children) were omitted here for security reasons, but will be included in the family tree in the “family members only” secured section of this site.
— Vaughn.]

Topic: info of me and mine
 marilyn dragland Posted: 16-Nov-2003 13:23
 hello everyone nice to see you again here is my updates for my family tree . i have 4 children 1-jamie may spurrill born april 11/84 at penticton,b.c. she is now married to blaine kesler and they gave me a granddaughter, chazley danika-may kesler born march 15/03 in lethbridge,ab. 2- devin thomas spurrill, born april 1/86 at north vancouver,b.c. 3- derrick edward spurrill, born august 27/88 at victoria,b.c. 4- shane william spurrill, born november 21/89 at estevan, sask. i live at crawford bay,b.c. thanks for everything i will be back later. love marilyn
 Vaughn Posted: 16-Nov-2003 23:43 Marilyn:
Thanks for the info!
I will get this added to the family tree ASAP.
Warm Wishes,