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Topic: Name of places in the family tree
 Oddvar Skogsletten Posted: 25-Apr-2003 07:48
in Descendants of Nils Hallvardson Limmesand, (1750 – 1804)
you use the name ‘Tyeisund’.
There is no place in Norway with that name.
Now or before.
I think the name must be ‘Tjeldsund’.
I have just been on a trip to Australia to visit relatives in Sydney, Brisbane and Burketown.
And my daughter, Tone, who is studying in Perth.
Greetings to everybody
Oddvar Skogsletten 
 Vaughn Posted: 22-May-2003 23:01 
 Hello Oddvar:
Thanks for spotting that error.
It has now been corrected.
Warm Regards,

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  1. Hi.
    The viking-ship that you have on this site is used in connection with the viking museum Lofotr in Lofoten southwest for Dragland. link: ‘’. Peopel can hire it for a trip aroud in Lofoten islands. My Familyname (on my fathers side), comes from the Skogsletten farm witch was ca 200 yards from where they found a big Viking-house. witch they have made a copy of and uses as a museum where one can hire the house with viking cloths, helmets, swords, axes and so on. In additinal you can bee served food and drinks from the Viking aged. Ca 650-1150 ad. My family on my father’s side had a real ‘bloot’ there 10 years ago.

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