Topic: Daniel Mikal Nikolai Dragland family
 Vaughn Posted: 05-Jun-2003 01:42   
 * This message was forwarded from Angie Anders of Karnack Texas.
(Note: Personal information such as birthdays and street addresses have been removed from this public message board for privacy reasons. A more complete listing can be viewed in the “members only” area of this site.)

Hello Draglands…
I’m sorry for being so late in getting this done. I keep meaning to finish it and get it sent to you, and something always comes up and I get sidetracked. Here is what I have finished so far, below. I had them all indented to the correct space, but somehow it was lost in transfering it into the email, but they are all numbered accoding to your family tree pattern. All of the information is not listed for all members, but we can add it as we find it. Mandy, you might be able to fill in the details on your end. Thanks so much Vaughn, for keeping this up for all of us. We appreciate it!

177.4 Daniel Mikal Nikolai Dragland
…177.41 Hilma Elizabeth Dragland, b. 1922 in Hot Springs AR, Hair Dresser, m. 1940 James Carlton Brown, b. 1918 , d. 1997. She resides in Serepta, Louisiana.
……177.411 Dale Carlton Brown, b. 1943 in Springhill LA, Railroad Engineer, m. Brenda, but divorced, then m. Margie. Resides in Texas
………177.411.1 Jessica Brown (mother Brenda)
………177.411.2 Carla Brown (mother Brenda)

…177.42 Marvin Eugene Dragland b. 1925 in Hot Springs, AR. House painter. M. 1947, to Lena Marie Bible, b. 1924 in Minden, LA
……177.421 Robert Wayne Dragland, b. 1948 in Springhill LA, Animal Husbandry, m. Kathy Farmer, divorced and then m. Jackie Leach, divorced and then m. Joan Sanders.
………177.421.1 Daniel Lee Dragland, born 1978 in Baton Rouge LA (mother Kathy)
………177.421.2 Elissa Marie Dragland, born 1981 in Baton Rouge LA (mother Jackie Leach)
………177.421.3 Kristina Leigh Dragland, born 1985 in Baton Rouge LA (mother Jackie Leach)

……177.422 Peggy Ann Dragland, b. 1950 in Springhill LA, Registered Dietician, m. Marion Lynn Caldwell, b. 1946 in Malvern AR.
………177.422.1 Gene Paul Caldwell, born 1977 in Memphis TN, Auto Mechanic, married Christina Hamrick.
…………177.422.11 Kendra Renee Caldwell b: 1998
…………177.422.12 Lauren Hope Caldwell b: 2000 (now living in Lynchburg, VA)

………177.422.2 Dorothy Marie Caldwell b: 1979

……177.423 Michael Dragland (info?)
……177.424 Mary Dragland – Married Charles Glenn Denny and lives in Minden La
………177.424.1 Shelly Marie Denny b. 1974 Married Scott McLain in 1994, lives in Minden La
…………177.424.11 Christian Blake McLain b. 1997
…………177.424.12 Baylee Nicole McLain b. 2000
…………177.424.13 Garrett Duran McLain b. 2002

………177.424.2 Angela Renea Denny b. 1977. (This is me) Married Jeremy Lynn Anders in 1996, and lives with family in Karnack Texas.
…………177.424.21 Hannah Mykale Anders b. 1996
…………177.424.22 Reagan Delane Anders b. 1999

………177.424.3 Eric Michael Denny, married Dana Burrows, and lives in Ruston, La.

……177.425 Thomas Dragland born 1955 in Springhill LA, Agricultural Engineer, married Lynnie Hansen, born 1956
………177.425.1 Amanda Doreen Dragland, born 1980 in Bossier City LA, married 2001 Steve Nix. She has a page in your directory.
…………177.425.11 Benjamin Zion Nix, born 1999 in Springfield MO

………177.425.2 Abigail Nichole Dragland, born 1983 in Bossier City LA

……177.426 John Lee Dragland, born 1957 in Springhill LA, Carpenter, married Sandra and Edith, but divorced, with no children, then married Sharon Branch Williams 1999
………177.426.0 Kasey Williams (Child of Sharon from previous marriage)
………177.426.1 John Michael Dragland

……177.427 David Oliver Dragland, born 1959 in Springhill LA, Heavy Equipment Mechanic, married Frankie Lynette Hood, born 1970
………177.427.0 Andy Dragland (Lynette’s child, adopted by David) Michael Anthony (Andy) Dragland, born 1986 in Shreveport LA
………177.427.+ Maegun Dragland (adopted by David also) Maegun Lynette Dragland (adopted), born 1988 in Shreveport LA
………177.427.1 Joshua David Dragland, born 1992 in Bossier City LA
………177.427.2 Leah Marie Dragland, born 1995 in Bossier City LA
 Vaughn Posted: 05-Jun-03 01:52 
I have added this information to the family tree masters. Thank you ever so much for your help!

From our legacy blog – OBITUARIES

Topic: Joyce Dixon
 BRADDRAGLAND Posted: 04-Aug-2004 23:25   
 I spoke to Betty Kemp today, she wanted me to let
everyone know that Joyce Dixon from Las Vegas died of
lung cancer yesterday.
The funeral will be in Las vegas in a couple of days.
Talk at you soon

Topic: Joe Kimmitt – Obit.
 Vaughn Posted: 11-Apr-2004 12:17 
 Message forwarded from Brad Dragland & Todd Dragland:
Dragland Family Obituary:
Sadly, Joe Kimmitt, loving husband of Doris (Dragland) Kimmitt passed away on Tuesday, March 9, 2004. Apparently he suffered a heart attack. The funeral was held in Bow Island, Alberta, Canada on Saturday, March 13, 2004 at 1:00 p.m. 


Topic: OBIT – Marvin Dragland 10/2/25 – 2/8/04
 Angie Anders Posted: 11-Feb-2004 00:25
 I just wanted to let you know that my grandfather, Marvin Dragland, died Sunday morning due to what they believe was a heart attack. His memory will be cherished. I’ve copied his obituary below. – Angie

Marvin E. Dragland
SHONGALOO, LA – Funeral services for Marvin E. Dragland, age 78, will be held Wednesday, February 11, 2004 at 2 p.m. in the Bailey Chapel, Springhill, with Rev. Charles Woolley officiating and Rev. Jim Brown assisting. Interment will follow in the Old Shongaloo Cemetery under the direction of Bailey Mortuary, Springhill, LA.
Visitation will begin Tuesday at 5 p.m.
Mr. Dragland was born October 2, 1925 in Hot Springs, AR to Daniel Michael and Ethel Mae Thomas Dragland and passed away February 8, 2004 in Minden, Louisiana. He was a native of Hot Springs, AR and a resident of Shongaloo, LA, member of the Old Sarepta Missionary Baptist Church and a retired painter/contractor. He was also a Springhill graduate and US Navy veteran of WWIl.
He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Lena Marie Dragland of Shongaloo, LA; five sons, Robert Dragland and wife, Joan of Lewisburg, TN, Michael “Mike” Dragland and wife, Virginia of Baton Rouge, LA, Thomas “Tom” Dragland and wife, Lynnie of Benton, AR, John Dragland and wife, Sharon of Haynesville, LA, David Dragland and wife, Lynette of Shongaloo, LA; two daughters, Peggy Caldwell and husband, Lynn of Woodridge, VA, Mary Denny and husband, Glenn of Minden, LA; sixteen grandchildren; nine great grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews.
Mr. Dragland was preceded in death by his parents and a sister, Hilma Brown.
Pallbearers will be Steven Nix, Andy Dragland, Scott McLain, Jeremy Anders, Eric Denny and Daniel Dragland. Bailey Mortuary, Inc.

Topic: Gladys Dragland Peterson – (obit)
Don and Rosalie Posted: 12-Jul-2003 13:55  
Subject: a death of one of Chris Dragland’s children
Hello Vaughn,
I haven’t written to you in a while. I was checking the web site tonight, hoping that some other brave souls have ventured forth to submit some family history, but, nope – it doesn’t look like that is the case.
Anyway, my oldest sister, Gladys Dragland Peterson died yesterday, July 4, 2003 so I would like that to be indicated on the family page. Also, for some reason, I must have given you the wrong year for her date of birth. She was born in Feb. 28, 1920, so she lived to be 83. Hell, I’ll take that. That would give me 26 years of retirement, were I to be so fortunate. Anyway. I’d appreciate it if you would make those corrections.
Best Wishes to you and yours,
Don Dragland

Topic: My First Post – A Sad One
 Angie Anders Posted: 25-Jun-2003 14:55 
 Well I hate that my first post on our Dragland forum is going to be a sad one, but hopefully I will be around posting more up-beat news from time to time.
I’m sorry to say that my great-aunt, Hilma (177.41), who was Daniel Dragland’s only daughter, passed away yesterday (June 24th, 2003). We aren’t sure of funeral arrangements as of yet. Please pray for her surviving son Dale, who is the last of his immediate family.
Thank you,
 Vaughn Posted: 26-Jun-2003 14:54
Sorry to hear the sad news.
I will update our family tree accordingly.
(Thanks for using the Dragland Message Board.)


Topic: Donald Oren Dragland – (obit)
 Vaughn Posted: 22-May-2003 21:14
 Recent note from Todd:
I’n not sure if you had heard, but Don Dragland passed away on Tuesday, April 29, 2003, in Arizona. He is survived by his wife Caisa. Her address is 15041 West Fairmount Ave, Goodyear AZ 85338 USA.
God Bless…

From our legacy blog – FAMILY TREE UPDATES

Topic: Update on Branch 176

Donald Burnell Olson Posted: 30-Nov-2005 18:16  
Daniel Bertuese Olsen(Olson) was my grandfather. Anna, his wife, of course my grandmother. I do not have all the details regarding birthdates and deaths but hopefully will be able to get this info soon.
Children of Daniel and Anna were: Mary Meland (died ca 19xx, Esther Rydland(Henry Rydland)MN, Ole Olson (Hilda)MPLS, MN, Edwin (Fargo ND, Rudolph Frandlin,MN, and Victor (Wisconsin). All are now gone. My father was Rudolph Berger Olson who married Ella Louise Christian of Hatten, North Dakota in 1925. Rudy died in 1990 and Ella in 1991. Their children were: Harvey- Died in @ 1930, Betty Ann-died 1930, Laurie Jane Olson-LLoyd-Sherman-Died 2002, Betty Mae Olson-Johnson-Died 2004, Richard Ellswworth Olson married Beatrice Munsell of Franklin, MN and are living in Mankato, MN, Kay Francis Olson-Zubrod married William Zubrod Garden Grove CA,(Died 2003), Donald Burnell Olson(me)married Betty Ann Bronson Redwood Falls, MN(died 1998)and married Carol L. Henning(Peterson) of Renville, MN and Marjorie Ann Olson-Westmore-Peterson-Rusicka, Florida.
I will be in contact with a cousin, Noren Meland, Northwood, ND to provide the rest of the branches. I will ask him to sign up on this site and work to complete the rest of the Daniel B Olson lineage.
I shall also update the branch I have given with children and grandchildren and great grandchildren of the family.
I will try to add this info very soon. I find this very interesting and informative. Perhaps you can fill me in on how this info should be presented and arranged.
Donald Burnell Olson
Vaughn Posted: 28-Oct-2006 00:27
Thanks for posting all of this information. (Sorry about the tardy response…) I look forward to receiving further details on the Daniel B Olsen lineage.
The best way to lay it out is one person per line, in order of oldest siblings, with children under each set of parents. (See the Family Tree section of this Web site for examples.)
You can post your info in this forum, or email me at and I will add your details to the main line.
Best Regards,

Topic: Updates from Rita Hansen (Dragland)
 Vaughn Posted: 19-Sep-2004 23:23   Received 8/25/2004:
My father was Thorvald George Dragland, (17C.3 on family tree) born July 6, 1903. You have his one son George Thomas Dragland listed as a child of Thorvald. There were also two more. A son Daniel Gilbert Dragland (born about 1938) and died about 1984) He did not have any children. I will try to provide the exact dates later. Also a daughter (myself) – Rita Gay Dragland (born ** 1946). My current married name is Rita Gay Hansen. I have the following children: Michele Lynn Arkell – Nichols (Nichols is married name), born ** 1968. She has three children, Chase Ryan Nichols (****), Cole Nichols (****), and Madison Ruth Nichols (****). My next child was Michael Ryan Arkell (born ** 1972). He has two daughters, McKenna Elyse Arkell (born ****), and Rylie Arkell (born ****). My next son was Ryan Mark Hansen, born June 20, 1978 – died August 25, 1982. My next son is Brett Laird Hansen, born ** 1980.
I hope this helps – Rita Hansen (Dragland) – Email address: We plan a trip to Norway next June (2005)!

[Note: Birthdays of living persons (and birth years of children) were omitted here for security reasons, but will be included in the family tree in the “family members only” secured section of this site.
— Vaughn.]

Topic: info of me and mine
 marilyn dragland Posted: 16-Nov-2003 13:23
 hello everyone nice to see you again here is my updates for my family tree . i have 4 children 1-jamie may spurrill born april 11/84 at penticton,b.c. she is now married to blaine kesler and they gave me a granddaughter, chazley danika-may kesler born march 15/03 in lethbridge,ab. 2- devin thomas spurrill, born april 1/86 at north vancouver,b.c. 3- derrick edward spurrill, born august 27/88 at victoria,b.c. 4- shane william spurrill, born november 21/89 at estevan, sask. i live at crawford bay,b.c. thanks for everything i will be back later. love marilyn
 Vaughn Posted: 16-Nov-2003 23:43 Marilyn:
Thanks for the info!
I will get this added to the family tree ASAP.
Warm Wishes,

From our legacy blog – GENERAL FORUM

Topic: New Zealand Draglands
sommer Posted: 09-Oct-2004 20:58  
My name is Sommer and my mother Lana is a dragland, she was born in Milton New Zealand 1953 to John and Vera Dragland, I have no way of tracking my family back any further, any suggestions?
Vaughn Posted: 20-Oct-2004 22:11 
Dear Sommer:
Thanks for posting on our message board!
I don’t have any good suggestions except to encourage you to keep searching and making posts like this. Sooner or later someone will provide the information you are seeking. It is very likely that we are related, but with such little information, it’s difficult to know for sure. I do recall hearing that we have related Draglands in New Zealand (and Australia, too), but I don’t remember when or where I heard that.
Warm Regards,
Vaughn Dragland

Topic: More Draglands!!

Maegun Dragland Posted: 19-Sep-2004 23:06 
My name is Maegun Dragland. I am David Dragland’s oldest daughter (1988). He is the son of Marvin and Marie Dragland. I am absolutely thrilled that you have made this site, and have done so much work to get the whole family tree done. I think that is awesome!! I knew there was a lot of Draglands, but not this many!!! It really is cool!! If you would like to get in touch with me, our e-mail address is . Maybe some day, I can get some pictures of us on here, but for now, this is all I have!!

Topic: Eric the Red?
 Angie Anders Posted: 20-Jul-2003 14:01   
 Someone once told me that our family was descended from the line of Eric the Red – Eric Thorvaldson. This has always fascinated me, but I have never been able to confirm or deny it, which bothers me. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to trace our ancestors back over the last thousand years! (Not likely, but one can hope.) 

Topic: Dragland Independance Day Reunion
 Angie Anders Posted: 11-Jul-2003 01:39  
 Well, our Dragland reunion for Marvin Dragland’s family in Shongaloo, Louisiana, U.S. went very well on July 4th. All of Marvin’s seven children were able to be there, and most of the grandchildren as well. The house he built all those years ago is now full of sounds from great-grandchildren, which is a neat feeling. We grilled hamburgers and caught up on news with everyone, and after dark we got a free show as the neighbors shot their fireworks. All in all, we had a wonderful Independance Day. Mandy – I missed seeing you! Zion was there though, and boy is he all grown up looking.  I hope you’re feeling a bit better. I’ll plan to catch you at the Christmas gathering this year. Hope all is well with you and yours! My mother took loads and loads of pictures, so maybe I can share a few when she gets around to uploading and tweaking them.
As for our Canadian counterparts, I am hoping you all had a wonderful Canada Day!
East Texas
Vaughn Posted: 12-Jul-2003 13:44
That’s great news! Please send pictures and we will post them on the Dragland site…
Mandy Nix Posted: 19-Jul-2003 23:41 
Hi, Angie! Please send me the pictures from the Reunion when you can. I would love to see them! I also have a new addition you problably already know about, but I would like to let everyone else know as well. My computer guru friend in Missouri has created a family website for me. I am really excited about it and have been working like crazy on it! Check out when you get a chance. I have just about all the pictures we have taken since we got our digital camera. There is a section call “Nana and Pa-paw” which includes pictures of my dad, Thomas (Tommy) Dragland, and my mom, Lynnie Dragland, as well as, a few of my sister, Abby Dragland.
Warmest wishes to all!
Mandy Nix
Angie Anders Posted: 20-Jul-2003 13:53
Mandy, I saw your website and loved it! Those scrolling pictures of you all is something new I have never seen before. What a neat and unique touch! You have some great friends, to set this up for you! I loved looking through the pictures. You have LOTS of pictures! Can’t wait to finish going through it all. Thanks for sharing that.
My mother has not yet uploaded her reunion pictures, with so many things going on at the homefront lately, but one of these days she will get them together and I’ll share. Thanks!
East Texas

From our legacy blog – TRAVEL

Topic: Dragland’s Same Place @ Same Time !

 tdragland Posted: 26-May-2002 10:22
Since Vaughn and I were both in San Francisco at the same time and unaware we were at the same location 30 minutes apart and did’nt know it I thought it might be fun to share travel plans for those that might be able to meet at the same place and time!
Todd Dragland (518-469-6123 cell)
May 28-29 Montreal
June 5 Philadelphia (Florida Marlins vs Phillies)
June 6 Newark NJ
See you there?

 Mandi Posted: 27-May-2002 22:31
This is a great idea.
I’m going to Virginia this summer, and we’re also going to California.
We’re not entirely sure of the dates yet, though, but I’ll try to get them posted as soon as possible.
The trip to Virginia, I believe, will only bem y mother and myself, but the trip to California will be all four of us.

 tdragland Posted: 08-Jun-2002 20:17
I have a meeting in Toronto June 19th.
Vaughn, I will call ahead…
Love Todd

 Vaughn Posted: 14-Jun-2002 10:14
I will be in Denver, Colorado — from July 17-19, 2002.

 tdragland Posted: 11-Jul-2002 14:03
Will be in Buffalo July 17. Todd

BRADDRAGLAND Posted: 14-Jul-02 22:33
will be in Vancouver on Aug 30th & 31. Hope to see every one there that can make it. Your’s truly, Brad.

 Vaughn Posted: 22-May-2003 21:08
I plan to be in Vancouver around the last week of August, 2003.
BRADDRAGLAND Posted: 24-May-2003 18:15
I am going to be in Vancouver for a wedding on Aug 16th.
Vaughn, unless you can change your plans, it looks like we may miss each other by two weeks.
We have plans to fly in on Aug 15th and out on Aug 17th. Bradley

 Vaughn Posted: 30-May-2003 00:43
Well, it looks like Dean, Brad & Todd will all be in the Vancouver area around the weekend of the 16th & 17th of August,
so I will try to move my trip forward and be there at the same time. I will post again when I have more specifics…
Cheers! Vaughn

 dean dragland Posted: 30-May-2003 17:14
Hi there Kinfolk
I will be arriving Vancouver Aug.14 to Parksville Aug.16 back
to Van Aug.18 back to Calgary Aug.19.
Hope all 5 of us can get together perhaps Friday Aug.15.

 tdragland Posted: 06-Jun-2003 17:16
August 15 looks good…
By the way I went to an evening with Jerry Jeff walker last night in Saratoga, just a 300 seat club, what a geat evening. I even wore my black cowboy boots that I had inherited from Dad, it was easy to sing along to “up against the wall you redneck mother…” with those boots on… didn’t kick any hippies asses, but raised a little hayuall.

 Mandi Posted: 07-Jun-2003 21:17
   I’ll be in Virginia during the week of July 13th to the 20th.

Topic: Vancouver in August

dean dragland Posted: 30-May-2003 00:08
Hi everyone,
We sure do have poor timing!
I will be attending a wedding on Vancouver Island/ Parksville on
Aug 17
Maybe next time.

 Vaughn Posted: 30-May-2003 00:48
See my post in the General Forum (Topic: Draglands Same Place @ Same Time, Author: tdragland)
I will try to move my trip ahead, and hope to see you in Van…
That is, I hope you have time to stop for a visit on your way to Parksville!