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Topic: Name of places in the family tree
 Oddvar Skogsletten Posted: 25-Apr-2003 07:48
in Descendants of Nils Hallvardson Limmesand, (1750 – 1804)
you use the name ‘Tyeisund’.
There is no place in Norway with that name.
Now or before.
I think the name must be ‘Tjeldsund’.
I have just been on a trip to Australia to visit relatives in Sydney, Brisbane and Burketown.
And my daughter, Tone, who is studying in Perth.
Greetings to everybody
Oddvar Skogsletten 
 Vaughn Posted: 22-May-2003 23:01 
 Hello Oddvar:
Thanks for spotting that error.
It has now been corrected.
Warm Regards,

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Topic: Dragland’s Same Place @ Same Time !

 tdragland Posted: 26-May-2002 10:22
Since Vaughn and I were both in San Francisco at the same time and unaware we were at the same location 30 minutes apart and did’nt know it I thought it might be fun to share travel plans for those that might be able to meet at the same place and time!
Todd Dragland (518-469-6123 cell)
May 28-29 Montreal
June 5 Philadelphia (Florida Marlins vs Phillies)
June 6 Newark NJ
See you there?

 Mandi Posted: 27-May-2002 22:31
This is a great idea.
I’m going to Virginia this summer, and we’re also going to California.
We’re not entirely sure of the dates yet, though, but I’ll try to get them posted as soon as possible.
The trip to Virginia, I believe, will only bem y mother and myself, but the trip to California will be all four of us.

 tdragland Posted: 08-Jun-2002 20:17
I have a meeting in Toronto June 19th.
Vaughn, I will call ahead…
Love Todd

 Vaughn Posted: 14-Jun-2002 10:14
I will be in Denver, Colorado — from July 17-19, 2002.

 tdragland Posted: 11-Jul-2002 14:03
Will be in Buffalo July 17. Todd

BRADDRAGLAND Posted: 14-Jul-02 22:33
will be in Vancouver on Aug 30th & 31. Hope to see every one there that can make it. Your’s truly, Brad.

 Vaughn Posted: 22-May-2003 21:08
I plan to be in Vancouver around the last week of August, 2003.
BRADDRAGLAND Posted: 24-May-2003 18:15
I am going to be in Vancouver for a wedding on Aug 16th.
Vaughn, unless you can change your plans, it looks like we may miss each other by two weeks.
We have plans to fly in on Aug 15th and out on Aug 17th. Bradley

 Vaughn Posted: 30-May-2003 00:43
Well, it looks like Dean, Brad & Todd will all be in the Vancouver area around the weekend of the 16th & 17th of August,
so I will try to move my trip forward and be there at the same time. I will post again when I have more specifics…
Cheers! Vaughn

 dean dragland Posted: 30-May-2003 17:14
Hi there Kinfolk
I will be arriving Vancouver Aug.14 to Parksville Aug.16 back
to Van Aug.18 back to Calgary Aug.19.
Hope all 5 of us can get together perhaps Friday Aug.15.

 tdragland Posted: 06-Jun-2003 17:16
August 15 looks good…
By the way I went to an evening with Jerry Jeff walker last night in Saratoga, just a 300 seat club, what a geat evening. I even wore my black cowboy boots that I had inherited from Dad, it was easy to sing along to “up against the wall you redneck mother…” with those boots on… didn’t kick any hippies asses, but raised a little hayuall.

 Mandi Posted: 07-Jun-2003 21:17
   I’ll be in Virginia during the week of July 13th to the 20th.

Topic: Vancouver in August

dean dragland Posted: 30-May-2003 00:08
Hi everyone,
We sure do have poor timing!
I will be attending a wedding on Vancouver Island/ Parksville on
Aug 17
Maybe next time.

 Vaughn Posted: 30-May-2003 00:48
See my post in the General Forum (Topic: Draglands Same Place @ Same Time, Author: tdragland)
I will try to move my trip ahead, and hope to see you in Van…
That is, I hope you have time to stop for a visit on your way to Parksville!