Slide show from the September 2010 “mini-reunion” in Medicine Hat


In case you didn’t stumble across this in the Photo Gallery of the main DFA website,
here is the link to some pictures from last year’s mini-reunion…


Dragland Family Reunion 2010

Hello Draglands!

We are having a reunion (actually more of a  “mini-reunion”) this coming Labor Day Weekend in Medicine Hat, and everyone is invited…

The Main Event:
Date:  Saturday  September 4th, 2010
Time:  3:00 pm
Location:  The Coast Hotel Medicine Hat
Address:  3216 – 13 Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada  T1B 1H8
Hotel Rates & Reservations:

* There will also be a pilgrimage to the Dragland Farms at Maleb, Alberta, on Sunday September 5th — with possible stops in Bow Island, Etzikom,  and Elkwater.

Please spread the word to any Draglands you know of who might be interested.

 In order to plan for room size and food, we need to know ASAP who is coming,  so please RSVP by August 1st if possible.

 We will post more information as further details are known.

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From our legacy blog – GENERAL FORUM

Topic: New Zealand Draglands
sommer Posted: 09-Oct-2004 20:58  
My name is Sommer and my mother Lana is a dragland, she was born in Milton New Zealand 1953 to John and Vera Dragland, I have no way of tracking my family back any further, any suggestions?
Vaughn Posted: 20-Oct-2004 22:11 
Dear Sommer:
Thanks for posting on our message board!
I don’t have any good suggestions except to encourage you to keep searching and making posts like this. Sooner or later someone will provide the information you are seeking. It is very likely that we are related, but with such little information, it’s difficult to know for sure. I do recall hearing that we have related Draglands in New Zealand (and Australia, too), but I don’t remember when or where I heard that.
Warm Regards,
Vaughn Dragland

Topic: More Draglands!!

Maegun Dragland Posted: 19-Sep-2004 23:06 
My name is Maegun Dragland. I am David Dragland’s oldest daughter (1988). He is the son of Marvin and Marie Dragland. I am absolutely thrilled that you have made this site, and have done so much work to get the whole family tree done. I think that is awesome!! I knew there was a lot of Draglands, but not this many!!! It really is cool!! If you would like to get in touch with me, our e-mail address is . Maybe some day, I can get some pictures of us on here, but for now, this is all I have!!

Topic: Eric the Red?
 Angie Anders Posted: 20-Jul-2003 14:01   
 Someone once told me that our family was descended from the line of Eric the Red – Eric Thorvaldson. This has always fascinated me, but I have never been able to confirm or deny it, which bothers me. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to trace our ancestors back over the last thousand years! (Not likely, but one can hope.) 

Topic: Dragland Independance Day Reunion
 Angie Anders Posted: 11-Jul-2003 01:39  
 Well, our Dragland reunion for Marvin Dragland’s family in Shongaloo, Louisiana, U.S. went very well on July 4th. All of Marvin’s seven children were able to be there, and most of the grandchildren as well. The house he built all those years ago is now full of sounds from great-grandchildren, which is a neat feeling. We grilled hamburgers and caught up on news with everyone, and after dark we got a free show as the neighbors shot their fireworks. All in all, we had a wonderful Independance Day. Mandy – I missed seeing you! Zion was there though, and boy is he all grown up looking.  I hope you’re feeling a bit better. I’ll plan to catch you at the Christmas gathering this year. Hope all is well with you and yours! My mother took loads and loads of pictures, so maybe I can share a few when she gets around to uploading and tweaking them.
As for our Canadian counterparts, I am hoping you all had a wonderful Canada Day!
East Texas
Vaughn Posted: 12-Jul-2003 13:44
That’s great news! Please send pictures and we will post them on the Dragland site…
Mandy Nix Posted: 19-Jul-2003 23:41 
Hi, Angie! Please send me the pictures from the Reunion when you can. I would love to see them! I also have a new addition you problably already know about, but I would like to let everyone else know as well. My computer guru friend in Missouri has created a family website for me. I am really excited about it and have been working like crazy on it! Check out when you get a chance. I have just about all the pictures we have taken since we got our digital camera. There is a section call “Nana and Pa-paw” which includes pictures of my dad, Thomas (Tommy) Dragland, and my mom, Lynnie Dragland, as well as, a few of my sister, Abby Dragland.
Warmest wishes to all!
Mandy Nix
Angie Anders Posted: 20-Jul-2003 13:53
Mandy, I saw your website and loved it! Those scrolling pictures of you all is something new I have never seen before. What a neat and unique touch! You have some great friends, to set this up for you! I loved looking through the pictures. You have LOTS of pictures! Can’t wait to finish going through it all. Thanks for sharing that.
My mother has not yet uploaded her reunion pictures, with so many things going on at the homefront lately, but one of these days she will get them together and I’ll share. Thanks!
East Texas